So here we are again..

.. it’s always such a pleasure :D

So here is another attempt to write a blog. I finally made my mind up – no super boring stuff, no final exam stuff or anything like that. This is now going to be a place where I write about things I discover and want to share with the world. There won’t be a strict schedule of writing – I will write something as it hits me.

As you may have noticed, English isn’t my native language, so there are going to be a lot of mistakes. Feel free to satisfy your grammar nazi needs! All corrections are welcome; they help to improve. If you discover any error in the content, I humbly ask you to point it out and correct it it the comments.

To end this post, here’s a little bit about me:

My name is Denis and I’m a Computer Science student. I’m fascinated by technology and science, and I want to share that fascination with the world. I’m making games and semi-useful apps in my spare time. And that’s about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!